Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Even Stranger Days in Rap

Okay, so many will scoff at me, and say that they've always known this was true, but rap as heard on the radio reflects a culture driven stark-wild with lust. Many songs no longer include any mention of romance or relational affection, but focus almost entirely on physical gratification and its pursuit. It's terrible to hear, and for me, hard to hear, cause I find myself quickly working the dial during my infrequent radio listening sessions. I am not one to say that one can't find redeeming elements within popular culture, though it may not itself be redeemed; and yet the conscientious rap fan with a moral base cannot help but struggle to "engage," so to speak, to listen to rap on the radio for any longer than a few songs.

Once upon a time, rappers made lots of songs about, well, life and its living. The pursuit of dreams, filial affection, happiness, enjoyment in rap itself, thoughts on culture and religion--these were not uncommon themes for rappers to address. Nowadays, after the music industry has taken serious losses due to legal and illegal digital downloading, companies and their artists stick more to a thoughtless formula than ever before. Creativity is at an all-time low as the industry tightens it belt to salvage profits and stay afloat. Who suffers? The conscionable rap fan, that's who. Now, if only we could get some thoughtful Christian rappers off the ground... (like Sev Statik and KJ-52 to the right)


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