Saturday, August 13, 2005

On the Wedding of One's Sister

I've now been a part of three weddings this summer. Let me say this right off. It's a weird thing to have your close friends married off. There are numerous levels of weirdness to that event. Your friend, who you've goofed off with, cried with, argued with...married? Hitched? Tied up? Odd. All that pales, however, to seeing your sister walk the aisle. Especially your little sister. It was truly an interesting experience today as my only sibling, Rachel, married Lester Burgess.

Interesting first because I always thought as the older brother that I would get married first. I'm now 24, and she's not even 21, and so I assumed that marriage would happen for me before her. That assumption, however, proved erroneous.

Secondly because it is an interesting thing to see displays of affection from one's sister when you're not used to that sort of thing from her. I don't have much else to say about this. It's just all very odd and weird. What happened to the little girl who used to cut the hair off her Barbies? Who would play Home Run Derby with me--and beat me? Who would rub her hair on the back seat of the car to make it staticky on the way to skiing? Now she's all grown up, and married, and...affectionate. Ewwww. It's only slightly weirder than seeing parental displays of affection. Phew.

Thirdly because, well, just because. She's my sister! Her room sits empty now. She's not going to come in at night and talk to me about life. She's not going to take shopping trips to the mall with me. She's not going to talk to me for hours on end about girls, helping me to figure out the intricate psychology of the feminine mind. Such knowledge leaves me with the feeling you get when you stand still and feel like the entire world is rushing past you. How is everything going so fast? What happened to the littleness of my little sister? Who stole away the life I used to know?

But of course, all this quickly passes, as I know that none of this is by accident, that this is all part of growing up and seeing God work life out in its weirdness and complexity. That's a good thing, even if it leaves me with a little sadness, alot of good memories, and an empty room beside mine.


Blogger Blogmaster General said...

I remember seeing my sister get married to the man of her dreams. It was surreal, mostly because it wasn't the slightest bit surreal.

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