Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm in between series right now and so am taking a few days to spotlight interesting things. Today's interesting thing is the Together for the Gospel blog. For those who don't know, Together for the Gospel is a conference sponsored in part by 9Marks ministries and Sovereign Grace ministries. It will be held in Louisville, KY in late April 2006 and will feature such speakers as pastor John Piper, Southern Seminary president Al Mohler, pastor Mark Dever, author C.J. Mahaney, pastor John MacArthur, and others. The conference focuses on the basic idea of the Christian faith, the gospel, and approaches this topic from the perspective of a pastor.

There are numerous cool things about the conference. Firstly, it is bringing together a number of men that God has used to positively influence evangelicalism in recent times. John Piper has changed the way many evangelicals think about the living of their faith, John MacArthur has tirelessly advocated expositional preaching and changed many a mind as a result, and Mark Dever has refigured the evangelical conception of the local church in countless minds. The other speakers are no less significant. Secondly, there's nothing quite like this. The speakers are from all corners of evangelicalism. C.J. Mahaney is charismatic, Ligon Duncan is Presbyterian, Al Mohler is Southern Baptist. Yet all of them share a profound love for the gospel. Thirdly, the material will be uncommonly rich and thoughtful. I can't think of another conference that promises to spur more thought in its attendees than this one.

Fourthly, the speakers have started their own blog. Here's the official word on it, straight from 9Marks headquarters: "Mark Dever, CJ Mahaney, Lig Duncan, and Al Mohler have recently launched a Together for the Gospel (T4G) blog where they will discuss a variety of topics (from preaching to culture to theology) in the context of warm friendship. Their desire is to hold up the gospel as the matter of first importance, demonstrating its primacy by their public cooperation, friendship, and interaction. The T4G blog is a part of this vision, serving also to promote the upcoming conference in April, and continue the conversation afterwards." Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Check out the blog, and all the Together for the Gospel stuff, here: It's a great idea, a great blog, and it will be a great conference.


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