Friday, January 19, 2007

Recommended Music: Stars of Track and Field

Just how many bands are out there right now, making music, hoping to be the next big thing? As many, I would guess, as there are stars in the sky. In an age when most anyone can afford recording equipment, everyone could be the next Dylan, the next Derek Webb, the next Common.

Which leads me to recommend one of those small stars in the sky: Stars of Track and Field. Until this week, I had never heard of them. Now I've listened to them steadily all week. I highly recommend their music. It fuses electronic music, haunting rock, and that intangible "catchy" element that every group craves. The end result is a 38 minute album that is wistfully beautiful. They are not, to my knowledge, a Christian band, but neither do they produce objectionable content. I know very little about this band, and that's part of the fun. I like hearing music that hasn't been hyped to the point of overheated. It's truly enjoyable to find gems out there, bands that make thoughtful and meaningful music without the crudities of the modern industry. One of my aims on this blog is to introduce my reader base (of four people, approximately) to good art. This band makes good art. Great to study to, drive to, think to.

Plus, with a name like "Stars of Track and Field," they're worth checking out.


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