Friday, February 16, 2007

Musical Recommendations

It's Friday, and I have some musical recommendations for you. Kevin, thanks for your comment--I will be quite happy to post some book recommendations on beauty in the very near future, and will email you as soon as I can.

I strongly recommend the following two Christian songer-songwriters. First, Andrew Osenga. He writes great songs about the complex character of Christian life in a fallen world. I've recommended him before, but I want to recommend him again, simply because his music is so moving. Go to the link I've provided and click on the album player. Then, listen to "New Beginning" and "Early in the Morning." Beautiful, heartfelt songwriting, and music to match.

Second, Andrew Peterson. I don't know a great deal about this artist, but I know that he's a talented, thoughtful musician who writes songs that resonate with the heart longing for redemption. Go to the link I've provided and open the album player and listen to the cd. Then, with both of these guys, go and buy their music. Your money will not be wasted. It will support thoughtful Christian music made with an eye to beauty and redemption.

Also, go out and get the "Pride and Prejudice" soundtrack. It is intensely beautiful and haunting. Honestly, I can't stop listening to this melodic piano-driven soundtrack. The compositions are elegant, quiet, and moving. Honestly, just buy it. You don't even have to preview it. Anyone who likes good music to study and think by will delight in this piece of art. The only drawback: it's just 40 minutes long. Oh well--just play it through twice. I do.

So there's a few practical ways to bring some beauty into your life. Perhaps you'll join me in enjoying these purchases and in bringing a little melody and elegance into your life. I promise that you won't be disappointed as you do so. Beauty, like the friend who invariably strengthens and encourages you, has a way of leaving its mark on you.


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