Monday, April 09, 2007

A Week Devoted to Media

My lovely wife has informed me that I need a lighter week of material to balance some of the heavier stuff I've been writing about recently. I'm taking up her wise suggestion and will be looking at a few different things I've encountered in the culture recently.

Today I'll look at some good music that's out there. First, I want to encourage you who like modern hymns to go to the Getty Music website. Here you'll find the beautiful and faith-stirring music of Keith and Kristyn Getty, a husband-and-wife team from Ireland who now reside in Cleveland. The Gettys are a delightful pair, and they have put out a number of cds that feature some really beautiful music. I frequently play their songs here at work and find myself encouraged in my faith as I do. For those who want theologically rich, well-written songs that are both artfully played and beautifully sung, you need look no futher than the Gettys. Additionally, if you like Celtic music or if you delight in it as I do, you'll enjoy their music very much.

A secular band that nonetheless crafts beautiful, elegant, sad, soulful music is the band Hem. My wife introduced me to the gentle tunes of Hem, and I've been a huge fan ever since. If you're like me, and you love sad music, Hem will work great for you. It's not all sad, of course. But it is thoughtful. Listening to Hem makes you want to take a walk through forests and fields, thoughts of mystery and beauty cycling through your head as you go.

Finally, the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack is also quite melancholy and altogether worth your money. In particular, Sufjan Steven's song "Chicago," which unlike the rest of the album is clearly made from Christian faith, is worth the whole album. There are a number of other songs that I also listen to on repeat. So there you have it--some good cds to order and listen to, and find the themes of earthly sadness and earthly beauty mixed together in such a way as to clear your mind and stir your heart.


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hem is so talented! great vocals...

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I like Little Miss Sunshine. Very funny movie.

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