Friday, June 01, 2007

A Great New Website: Said at Southern

I want to alert you to a new website called Said at Southern. It brings together the blogging community that has coalesced at Southern Seminary here in Louisville, KY, though a number of the bloggers you'll find at the site are alumni who live elsewhere. I'm one of three editors of Said at Southern, so I'm pretty involved in the direction of the site. I am also going to be writing some editorials there, so if you find my writing at least mildly interesting, you may want to bookmark the page and check it often.

The site is a great resource for those who want to look in on a seminary community and see the diversity that results when lots of people blog about their experiences as a Christian seminarian. I would encourage you to click on the "Students Said" tag and read through some blogs sometime. You'll gain a greater understanding of the unique fabric of Southern Seminary, and I think you'll see that there is a good deal of thoughtful output from my fellow seminarians. It's encouraging to me to see fellow students thinking about culture, engaging media, and pondering theology. I think you'll be encouraged as well. So with that said, check out the site, and let me know your thoughts. Have a great weekend.


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