Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do Not Be Frightened: Dr. Mohler's Senior Picture

If you read this blog, you've read about the Together for the Gospel conference. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click the link and browse their website. T4G, as it's called, is a conference that encourages pastors to build their ministries on nothing but the gospel, and to find unity with those who do the same. I went to T4G two years ago and loved it. If you are a Christian pastor or interested layman who loves the gospel and loves Christian ministry, I would encourage you to come to Louisville in April 2008 for the next conference. You don't need a certain set of credentials, you don't need to know the right people, you just need to come and fellowship with like-minded men.

With that introduction covered, I would like to point your attention to the above image. This hilarious picture was sent to me by the T4G strategists in a marketing campaign. For those who do not know, the above image is the high-school yearbook photograph of my employer and mentor, Southern Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr. Before I graduate, I'll be posting on how Dr. Mohler has affected me, so you'll hear more about my impressions of this man of oak in days to come. For now, though, let me say that Dr. Mohler has happily filled out from his somewhat undernourished teenage years, and though he still has the mind of a nerd, he has none of the appearance. And yes, his glasses were thwarted in their attempt to swallow his face. Strong enough now not only to lift a fork, but to beat up wimpy theologians, Dr. Mohler will be a keynote speaker at T4g, and that alone is reason enough for you--whether you're in chilly Maine, or sunny California, or you go to seminary, or you've never considered it--to sign up for the fellowship-faith-gospel bonanza that is Together for the Gospel.


Blogger Terry Delaney said...

No fear man, no fear.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see what all the fuss is about over Al Mohler.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Jed said...

Okay, I have a serious question. You've now gotten to be close to both Mark Dever and R. Albert Mohler. Both are darlings of the SBC. In your estimation, which one is (a) smarter, (b) stronger, and (c) more handsome? Who would you rather have in your side in a debate? Who would be ranked higher on the list of People Magazine's best looking people? And, most important, who would win an arm-wrestling match? I'm going with Dever on points (b) and (c), but Mohler on point (a). After all, Mohler is a theologian while Dever is an historian.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Dad said...

Owen, I wish to express a little scepticism about such a conference lasting over the long haul with sound doctrine. Having said that I think there are lots of places for Christians to get together over the basics or just over the gospel.

My concern would come from the idea that in order for people of differencing theological stands to get together on the gospel is that there has to be some give and take (hopefully) doctrinally even on the basic points of the gospel. For example, the issue of sin is not simply. How did we get be in sin? How dead are we in our sins? Or, are we merely sick? Does Christ forgive all of our sins? Will I, as a believer, suffer in anyway for my sins, at the judgment or in eternity?

And there is the atonement? Is it parallel to Adam's deed of sin, in respects to its application to those represented by Adam or Christ? Does it cover everyone? Do I need to do sometime to apply Christ's atonement?

And just how does one go about saving people? Etc. Etc.

Our home school group is made up of families from several church. We have to memorize scripture in the KJV, so as not to offend. If the return of Christ is mentioned the pre-trib, pre-mil view is the "assumed" context for such a topic. Christ's atonement makes salvation possible for whomever will reach out and take it. And again, etc.

It seems to me that unless all the people participating in a conference on just the gospel are of similar cloth theologically there is going to be some watering down of key positions in order to accommodate the 'weaker' position or the people holding to these positions will be offended and will not longer participate.

Or am I missing something? Is so waht?

Having said that, may God bless such an endeavor so that the gospel might be understood more clearly in the Church.

Al (Not Owen's dad or that other "Al".)

9:59 AM  

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