Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK: A Figure of Controversy and Great Importance

Not a long post today, but I think it is right to focus if only for a moment on a holiday on the actual reason for the holiday. I'm not sure why, exactly, but I always feel a bit sheepish about having a day off from work and school and all that and yet doing absolutely nothing in relation to the holiday itself.

With that confession out of the way, I give you a link to a blog listing a number of important resources related to MLK. Harold has done an excellent job of compiling some of the key documents from King's life, and I think it is a good thing to link them here. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a figure of great historical importance, after all. He was not perfect, and he was in fact a deeply flawed man, but it is clear that he was used to change the whole course of American history. He is not solely responsible for positive racial developments, and he should not be portrayed as such. However, he was a figure of great importance, and he was used to bring good, great good, to this country. Though we might have significant disagreements with his theology, and grave concerns about his womanizing lifestyle, we are right to honor him for his achievements in the realm of civil rights. We evangelicals are also chastened by his example, for in so emphasizing right doctrinal and exegetical theology, we can forget to construct and advocate a scriptural political theology. Surely, the Scripture has more to say about the way life is lived in our country than we often give it credit. In a small, insignificant, and virtually unnoticed way, then, I attempt to honor MLK on this blog, even as I privately thank God for making this country more just, fair and safe by the efforts of Dr. King.

On an unrelated note, thanks to all of you who gave me your blog links. I have updated my list, and I am glad to be using whatever very small degree of attention I get here to direct people elsewhere to good content that may or may not be receiving the readership it deserves. I know what it's like to dwell in the world of Small and Insignificant blogs, and while I'm quite happy to occupy this terrain, I'll do what I can for fellow bloggers of this realm. Thanks for linking to me, and thanks for reading this humble little webpage.

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Blogger Adam Winters said...

Thanks for the link, Owen. Today my blog is no longer as small or insignificant as it used to be. :)

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