Friday, February 08, 2008

The Week-est Link, February 8, 2008

1. I have to confess, I'm a little surprised that Mitt Romney dropped out of the race for President yesterday. I thought that he had a change to take the Republican nomination, and I wasn't opposed to that happening. Now it looks like McCain will get the nod (or, already has gotten it, sort of). I'm not terribly excited about this (shades of Bob Dole, anyone?), but McCain should draw moderates, and that should help him if Hillary wins the Democratic bid.

2. A treasure trove of Tim Keller sermons. If you have some free time, take a couple of hours and listen to as much Keller as you can. He is textually insightful, eminently interesting to listen to, and culturally aware. There are few preachers out today who are more interesting and edifying to listen to. (HT: Justin Taylor)

3. This post by CJ Mahaney covers the Super Bowl, but it represents a great resource for men struggling to keep sports in proper perspective. After a number of years in a community dominated by men, I can readily say that this is one of the primary struggles of young men today. We live in a sports-saturated society, and many of us struggle to keep sports in the category of "hobby" or "occasional pastime," instead situating them in "almost-constant diversion." Read CJ and be informed, instructed, and edified. He is a great example of a normal Christian person who nonetheless thinks theologically about everything. I love that. (HT: Josh Harris)

4. More material on thinking theologically about sports. Why is it the Covenant Life guys (from Maryland) are the only ones doing this? Why do so many Christians write about the same things, things that people know something about, and neglect the things that people struggle hugely with? There's a massive imbalance in our contemporary literature--it's far too skewed to theological rehearsal and out of touch with the issues many Christians struggle with, things like sports. I seek to address this imbalance on this humble little blog, and I'm glad others are doing the same. We need more! (HT: Sovereign Grace)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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