Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The NBA Draft's Strange Structure

As a basketball fanatic, or perhaps a recovering fanatic (some days it's debatable), I have to point out something slightly hilarious about the draft. It's all hyped up and stuff, like sports usually are, but here's the deal: the best part happens in the first five minutes. In other form of media does this occur? In music, the first five minutes often functions as an intro; in movies, the first five minutes only begins to set the scene; in a radio show, the show is just getting off the ground five minutes in. With the NBA draft, however, powered by the NBA's breathless marketing campaign, the whole shebang peaks five minutes in. Does this strike anyone else as ironic?

The guy in the pic is Vermont's Taylor Coppenrath, who might get drafted. Vermont plays in the same conference as the University of Maine, where my father went, and which thus commands my allegiance.


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