Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Excellent Music to Listen to

This blog never wanders far from music. Here's an opportunity for a cd recommendation: Indelible Grace III, loaned to me by excellent friend Will Kynes. Made by the fun folks at Indelible Grace, the cd sets old and powerful hymns to folksy tunes. Those who value poetic theological pieces will find much to appreciate; I can't stop playing "Jesus, I Come," "Come and Mourn," and "Jesus With Thy Church Abide." Beautiful arrangements couple with moving lyrics on each of these three songs, each of which I repeat numerous times on the local cd player. No kidding, kids: I played "Jesus...Abide" roughly nine times in a row yesterday. It's that good. (And ain't the cover cool?)

Indelible Grace has long been making edifying music for the contemporary church, which I appreciate. The previous offerings have been slightly, shall we say, rougher, but this one is a step up musically. Adults and young adults alike should enjoy it. That's great because it is a spiritual help to have meaningful lyrics running throughout one's head in place of some shallow chorus or verse. Pick this one up and you won't soon put it away.


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