Friday, August 19, 2005

A Powerful Video: "Can I Live"

I had heard some about rapper Nick Cannon's "Can I Live" video recently in the press, but hadn't seen the video until today. The video portrays an adult man, played by Nick Cannon, going back in time to talk to his mother, who is pregnant with Nick and contemplating an abortion. It's a true story, and it's powerful. Here's the link to the site. You'll note the need for Windows Media Player or Quicktime to watch the video.

The media has chafed a bit at the video. The Boston Globe called for Cannon, who calls himself neither pro-choice or pro-life, to out himself as a pro-lifer and own up to his propagandizing ways. Cannon has not done so. I find the Globe's response fascinating, because it speaks as if one cannot make art without making a political statement and in fact be trying, first and foremost, to make a political statement. Cannon's song could well be made with intention to spread the pro-life message. But it is also entirely possible that he made the video to thank his mother for giving him life, and have that sentiment unattached to some greater political motive. Shame on the Globe for crying "disingenuous" on Cannon. I suppose that shows just how un-neutral much of the media is. The hue and cry about the video can go on, or it can die, which it likely will in short order. All the while, I'm enjoying this song, and thanking the Lord that, as with Nick Cannon, He let me live.


Anonymous Kyle said...

You know my anti-rap bias, Owen, but I think it would be hard for anyone not to connect with that song and that video.

12:59 PM  

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