Saturday, May 20, 2006

One Son's Remembrance, Pt. 2

College brought major changes to my relationship with Mom. It must, of course, and it did. Yet I remained very close to Mom and continued to experience her unconditional kindness. In a busy first year, care packages stuffed with my favorite granola bars, nonpareils, and a nice note brought a smile to my face and memories of yesterday to my mind. The college years were great. My family took ski trips to Sugarloaf in Maine and Mt. St. Anne in Quebec. Bonds were strengthened amidst the swirl of snow and the chill of winter. Mom wasn't the fastest skier, but she was steady, careful, and ever mindful of my sister and I, even as we whizzed ahead of her. In many ways, those slopes provide a metaphor for her love for us. Steady, thoughtful, and others-centered. A mother's love.

It is interesting to see what post-college separation does to a parent-son relationship. I have found that being apart from my parents has only deepened my bond with them. The silly arguments have disappeared; there is a deep mutual respect; and I am on my own, leaving them to trust me. When I do make it back to Maine, I find that I thoroughly enjoy myself. Sure, it's a bit melancholy. My relationship with Mom and Dad has changed, and it will remain that way. It must. There is a bit of sadness in this, but there is great joy when we are together. Years and years of unconditional love, much kindness, and thoughtfulness have yielded a strong affection between Mom and I.

This affection will not pass with marriage. I am currently preparing for marriage to a wonderful girl, and the prospect of a life together overloads my senses. Yet though this act marks my decisive "cleaving" to another, my love for Mom remains. The years pass, the seasons change, but my love for Mom remains the same. I am not there to tell her this, but she knows it. The Lord has allowed us to experience very strong feelings in this life, feelings that transcend words, and this love falls in that strange category. There is a love that transcends speech. This is the love I have for Mom.


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