Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Article on 9Marks: Book Review

I've got a book review up on 9Marks of John MacArthur's The Book on Leadership. The Christian leadership book market is fairly depressing these days, with most authors simply copy-and-pasting from the secular business world. MacArthur comes out with a broadshot in his text, advocating with unequivocal conviction that church leadership must draw on biblical principles for its content. The book, which searches Paul's letters and Acts for material, is typical MacArthur: bold, clear, and convictional. It's also helpful. Spiritual leadership should take its cue from the golden streets, not Wall Street. Good book to buy if you are interested in Christian leadership of most any form.

I hope the review itself is helpful and encourage you to check it out here. I'll give you the teaser just for good measure.

"Do you remember the MacGyver television show from the 1980s? MacGyver was the guy who, with fifteen bad guys bearing down on him, could take a piece of gum, a pipe, and a sock and parachute to safety. He could take the wrong tools and make any task work.

I know what it feels like to have the wrong tools for a difficult task. Facing the prospect some day of leadership in the Christian church, most books on leadership I have read have only filled my ministerial toolbox with hiring advice from Wall Street, management tips from Fortune 500 CEOs, and growth programs from business school professors. Undoubtedly I will be able to use some of these tools in ministry, but finally they leave me ill equipped for much of what a pastor does. Leadership in the church is a spiritual task requiring spiritual tools."


Anonymous Christopher Klemm said...

Hi Owen!

I just listened to an excellent sermon from John today entitled, "How God uses suffering."

He's a great preacher and is certainly a rarity in today's Christian world. I have grown to really appreciate his words of truth that are completely backed by Scripture! Fantastic stuff!

Thanks for the review! I'll order that during my next round of books! :-)

9:45 AM  
Blogger Dad said...


Several things I have run across recently remind me of the importance of making the WORD the foundation we stand and act upon. One great difficulty with this is that we often do find ourselves walking within a smaller group of believers. How many will follow us if we say: Let's do things according to the Scriptures?

Or is that in the Lord's hands?

Glad to see you have recovered for wedding, etc. and are able to continue your life :)

May the Lord be with you.


4:57 AM  

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