Friday, July 07, 2006

Thoughts on Marriage: Last Night Alone

Here's my final post for a while. I'm getting married tomorrow, and will commence with the honeymoon shortly thereafter. Blogging, like a good many things, will then be far from my mind. You understand.

A few scattered thoughts just came to me as I drove through the night to my apartment. I had just left Bethany's home and was generally quite tired from the day's events. Yet even after errands, a rehearsal, and a rehearsal dinner, I still had a little brain space left over for some solemn contemplation of the moment. I realized then that I was driving for the final time away from Bethany. From here on out, I'll be driving to her. Instead of a conflicted goodnight, I'll be making my way to the smile of my wife. In place of separation, I will join her. Instead of a bleary-eyed drive home alone, I'll face a bleary-eyed drive home with her. What great changes these are, and how welcome.

I am writing this as a single man. This is one of the last things I will ever do as a single man. I have had my final Friday as a single man. I am now completing my final night as a single man. Though I left long ago, I am now officially leaving my parent's family and creating my own. I am still my father's son, still my mother's hijo, still my sister's big brother, but all is changed. I am on my own now. I am the leader. I am the provider. I am the protector. I am pledged to, taken, and covenanted with. I have traded a lifetime of autonomy for one of commitment. I no longer will go to Maine alone to visit my family. I no longer will have my own bank account. I will not spend Friday nights as only I wish to spend them. Everything, everything, everything is changed. This is glorious stuff. It is also weighty. After all, it's not often a man's life changes overnight.

My bride and I now take on the responsibility of representing the mysterious union of Christ and His people, the church. We picture this relationship to the world in a way that neither party can fully grasp but all can see, if they only look. These are awesome days, awesome responsibilities, awesome privileges. I feel slightly daunted by the task but fully desirous of it. Can it be that I, the goofy rapper, am taking a wife, and making my own family? It can. I am.

Such were the thoughts that came on a midnight drive home, the last one I would ever make alone. With the summer night, my singleness slipped away into the dark, a friend I had long known and now bade a lifelong "goodbye." On went the car, and on went my life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Owen: I just read this posting a few hours after your wedding ceremony has now concluded. You're married, and you're married to one of the most wonderful young women in the world, my daughter, who is now your wife. Just want you to know how much we love you both. We're pulling for you! More importantly, we're praying for you. And we know your life together will be richly blessed as you both walk faithfully before God.

Love now and always,

Your new father-in-law

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Eric T. said...

Congratulations, may God bless you with a marriage that glorifies Him by reflecting His Son.

1:05 PM  

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