Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Best Things in the World: Emerald Nuts

Hi. I'm in the midst of a storm called "Hurricane Pre-wedding" that washed on my shores a few weeks ago. Actually, things are going great (July 8th is the day!), but it's just a bit hectic. And you loyal readers understand--when it's a tossup between posting on one's beloved blog or spending time with one's beloved fiancee, you know which side wins.

But that has not stopped me from continuing this, the blog series with the most grandiose title possible: the Best Things in the World. Yes, we're considering several. Today, I give you a little-known group of television commercials that are some of the strangest and funniest little ads to grace your tv--and now, your computer screen. The folks at the Emeral Nuts corporation--go to the website here--have put together some of the wackiest commercials to advertise the product ever seen. You should go to the website and click on "TV Ads." Then, watch a bunch of them. If you find them side-splittingly funny, congratulations. You are an appreciater of one of the Best Things in the World. If not, well...if not, then watch them again, because they are hilarious.

My personal fave? The "Big Game Spot." The weird machete guy doing the strange sounds almost knocks me out of my chair every time. Although the manicurist is pretty funny, too. And the matadors who high-step their way through a neighborhood, littering all the way, also never fail to brighten my day just a bit. Enjoy these commercials, and pass on the link. Now, if you'll excuse me--the fiancee is calling. You know what that means.


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