Monday, September 11, 2006

Money Won't Make You Happy

It can often be enticing to think of the future and its promised riches. I suppose I'm typically American in that I often have a rosy view of the future, and sometimes find myself dreaming of material comfort and even luxury. How interesting to read the occasional study not from the Christian world but from secular society that reminds us of the biblical truth that money does not buy or bring happiness. The Wall Street Journal had a piece a while back on this topic that you can find here. Read it, and let those dreams of Pier One couches, thirty-foot yachts, and superpowered computers be what they are: dreams. Dreams that come with pleasing aromas and happy feelings but that pass just as quickly as they come.


Anonymous "H. Case" said...

Question-- Who dreams of a thirty foot yacht? It's like dreaming of being the 5th starter for the Machias Bulldogs or getting a 1981 Volvo for your 16th birthday. If I was gonna dream about a yacht, it would be at least 120 feet...anything shorter is a waste of unconscious thought. Also, the yacht would have exotic animals of some sort ...and a giant fishtank full of turtles.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps Aristotle was right: "Happiness is activity which conforms to virtue."

1:54 PM  

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