Monday, November 06, 2006

Reflections on Ted Haggard

I guess I'm on a bit of a book kick right now. That can be a good thing, namely because it allows me to share with you a few books I've found insightful and noteworthy. I mentioned Fleeing Fundamentalism last Friday and want to comment today on recent events that tie in with it. How tragic is the news of Ted Haggard, a man enacting the terrible scenario of Fleeing before our very eyes. Ministerial infidelity and immorality claim another man and family.

One of my first thoughts was of his family. Haggard has five children with his wife. What does this do for their understanding of the faith? How many will walk with Christ? How many will walk away from Him? One is reminded to pray for this family in this dark time. How terribly wrenching it would be to have the man one most loves and looks up to in the world fail in such a monumental way. I know very little of Haggard, but I would assume based on the little I do know that he was a charismatic and involved father. He was well-loved by his congregation and I would assume the same about his family relationships. It would absolutely crush a child to go through this.

We take so many things for granted in this life, to our shame and loss. Those of us who have fathers who lived stoutly moral lives must avoid this mistake. We should give much thanks to God for giving us fathers who walked closely with the Savior, and who were kept from terrible sin by Him. In this moment, I am so thankful for a father who walked uprightly before the Lord, and who gave his son an example to follow. He was, and is, an inspiration to me.

For those who did not have a father of this type, either because of absence or sin, know that one can look to the heavenly father for one's inspiration. He is the perfect father. He never fails. By looking to Him, and studying the biblical picture of His fatherhood, you can break old and evil cycles and begin a line of godly fathers in your own family. Do not hide in the shadow of your father and allow his sin to dominate you and your legacy. Form a new legacy, and lead coming generations in the way of the heavenly Father. May it be so for the Haggard boys, and may it be so for you.


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