Friday, October 27, 2006

And While You're At It

So the week is winding down, the weekend's almost here, and it's raining here in Louisville. Life is good. I thought I would give you a good article to read. It's by Malcolm Gladwell, currently a very popular public intellectual, and it covers a new way to measure the productivity of basketball players. It will be interesting to you not because it is technical (it's not), but because it takes conventional wisdom and flips it on his head. It's always fun when that happens.

And here is a Very Fun Thing: Aol music puts up full-length cds on their website so you can preview them. They put them there for a week or so. Every week you can preview around 20 cds. It's pretty cool. I've been listening a bit to Moby. Check that out, and know that your coolness factor will go up for sure. With that, it's back to work on a rainy Friday.


Anonymous Jed said...

When will AOL put up Grub Sowers' classic album "At the End of the Road"? I bet they haven't yet because it has not yet come out on CD. Still on casette. Of course, most of his fan base doesn't use internet...

6:15 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Hey Owen, the article that you linked to is titled, "The Science of Shopping," it's very entertaining and I found myself hooked on it, but searching for the basketball in it and there was none. Look at how long that stinking article is! I read the whole thing in search of the b-ball and didn't find one reference to it. Do you know how I can find the basketball related article??? Thanks.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Dad said...

Owen, I too read the whole, okay, did speed through a couple of passages, shopping article. Interesting because I am attempting, by God's grace, to sell my wonderful wooden turned items, a little ad slipped in for the many wealthy comment readers. (Website address could be inserted here.)

I was doing a show last weekend. Lots of people - speeding past. Just like the article said about walking past a bank. No sure of the reason, my guess was that these early shoppers wanted to 'see' the whole show before slowing down to buy.

Also, thought a lot about movement of people in my spacious, 10x10 or 10x8 booth space!!!

Than, as a believer, how much do I want to encourage implus buying??? Or to encourage wives to spend without their husbands consent?? Etc? Is my selling plan, lay out, to be done well within a Christian worldview? And is this marketing opportunity (my booth) to offer a different perspective because I am a believer? If so how?

Still thinking about some of this.

I won't have read the basketball article, by the way.


5:02 AM  

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