Friday, October 13, 2006

Good Rap

So this is a bit of a more laid-back week for me, and with good reason. I'm taking a very difficult Hebrew class right now, and this week included some major assignments and quizzes. I'm out of the woods now. With that said, I'm taking this week to post a few "occasional" blogs instead of a series.

I wanted to take a minute and highlight a rapper you probably haven't heard of. His moniker is "Braille," and he makes exceedingly good rap music. He's a Christian, but his raps are not expositions of Scripture, as those of some other Christian rappers, many of whom I enjoy. Instead, Braille speaks about his life in an honest, upbeat, thoughtful way, drawing the listener into the story of his life while connecting his own life with that of the God-man, Jesus Christ. There's been much talk about Christian artists who get some secular exposure from the mainstream media and who then cover the distinctive light of the gospel with vague generalisms about spirituality and happiness and so on. Braille is not this type of artist. He speaks clearly and enjoyably about his love for Christ, life, and hip hop, and does so well enough to get recognition from such cutting-edge music magazines as Urb. He's an encouragement to me and a light to the world, and I hope you'll check him out.

Here's his Myspace page.

And here's his personal website.

And here's to good redeemed hip hop!


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White boys can't rap.

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