Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Boy's First Car

I've been under the weather recently, but I've recovered. My convalescence allowed me to ruminate a bit on a recent development in my life: the need to sell the only car I've ever owned.

This will be a difficult parting, I can tell. Not in a theological sense. I know the answers when it comes to the theology of selling my car. Our life is not our own, and we are not the sum of our possessions. We won't take anything to heaven with us. However, I'm not so worried that about me being a part of the car. On the contrary, my 1995 tan Honda Accord coupe is a part of me.

There are so many memories that come with your first car, especially when you've taken good care of the car and kept it around for a while. Each time I open the car door I'm greeted with a midsized amount of memories. I can remember the day my mother bought me a Bowdoin College decal to put on the car I would one day own. Little did I know that I would own that car at the end of the day. Picking me up from college after my freshman year, my parents discussed with me my prospects of someday getting a car. When we pulled into our driveway, I saw a beautiful tan Honda coupe with a big bow. My first thought, showing the stunning discernment abilities I possess, was this: who is at our home, and why do they drive a car with a blue bow on it? A few minutes later, I was the one who would drive it, albeit without the big blue bow.

The car and I went everywhere together. The memories accrued from those times ride with me each time I drive, like an old friend keeping you company in the passenger seat. Trips to Portland with my friends; riding to church (usually late) with my roommate, Keegan; driving to summer camp to work as a counselor. Driving through the snow, rain, and mush of Maine winter; driving to the store on errands; driving to Louisville in search of education and a degree. Driving my future wife on our first date--thank goodness for a steering wheel with good grip. Running our first errands together as a married couple. In these and so many other reminisces, my car is not simply a vehicle. It's a friend, a trusted one. I guess that's why I feel like I'm putting my favorite pet to sleep. Maybe some of you out there understand. Or maybe you're laughing at me. I understand, but have to reiterate: there's something about a man's first car. Gets in your soul. Becomes a part of you, whether you want it to or not.

Goodbye, Sweet Chariot. It's been a good ride.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, do you really have to sell the car!! It makes me smile just thinking about the day you discovered it in the driveway...and all those many trips. So many photos of you either coming or going with your hand waving....but the radio, now that's a different story.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes, good memories. I never did get to drive that thing, though.

One correction. We were not "usually late" but rather "always late."

9:14 PM  
Anonymous your wife said...

AND also the night we first met you were leaning against that car, waxing eloquent about the importance of history, and I was extremely impressed!! :) True confessions...

8:03 AM  

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