Friday, August 10, 2007

Interesting Media

1) Here's a hilarious video about the Maryland pastor, master preacher and denominational architect C. J. Mahaney. Staff members of the church Mahaney attends--Covenant Life Church, a great church--interviewed children about Mahaney's ministry and came up with this video. It was played, I presume, at CLC when Mahaney stepped down from his pastorate and ushered Joshua Harris (yes, that Joshua Harris) into the role of senior pastor. Anyway, watch the video even if you don't know who Mahaney is--it's quite funny.

2) I got the above video from my friend Tony Kummer's website. If you're interested in God-centered, theologically driven children's education, visit his page. Tony is a thoughtful guy and is very practically gifted. His site has much to offer you, particularly if you're working with children, as he is a pastor of children's ministry (and a fellow Said at Southern editor).

3) My friend Reid Monaghan has a great blog I would encourage you to check out. Reid leads young adult ministry at Fellowship Bible Church in Nashville and is a dynamic, gifted leader. Reid's a little more punchy than I am, but he has some great writing on his blog. He is planning on planting a church in New Jersey in the next year in an area known as one of America's least Christian places (near Rutgers University). I have a heart for people trying to minister to the northeast and New England and I encourage you to visit the site of his prospective plant, Jacob's Well. The video alone will deeply move you and encourage you to pray for Reid as he seeks to win the lost souls of New Jersey.

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a good weekend and is encouraged by and encouraging to the ministry of their local church. We here in Louisville are gearing up for a new semester. Classes start again on Monday. One more semester and I will have earned a Master's of Divinity. As you can imagine, I'm excited for classes to begin and hopeful that I come away with a whole trunkload of knowledge from this semester. Whatever you're up to these days, I hope you benefit richly as well. 'Til next time.


Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for the tips, Owen, and congratulations on getting this particular finish line in sight. May God bless you richly in your final season of preparation.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Tony Kummer said...

Thanks for the links and your overly generous endorsement.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Jeremy Tong said...

I just finished teaching a VBS. We were supposed to be using Lifeway's materials, but my conscience would not allow me to use the Gameday material. It was man centered and all but forgot the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no brokenness over sin and no purpose for an atonement but to make you cooler or a super hero. Tony Kumer's site came 2 weeks too late, but it will be a major help in the future.

PS. We threw out the Lifeway material and wrote our own. We taught: Creation, Fall, Law, Rebellion, Gospel. No children got saved as far as I know, but they all are fully confident that they are sinners guilty before God and going to Hell... No there amazingly weren't scared, but they understand now.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Reid S. Monaghan said...

Owen, thanks for the links as well. Never been called "punchy" before though it may have applied when I was punching guys in the mouth before my conversion. Smile. If you ever sense my punchy-ness as over any biblical lines, please rebuke and exhort me.

Thanks for your prayers - I have really enjoyed getting to know you a bit as of late. Keep me in the loop as the year progresses. Praying for the right opportunity for continued studies.

Blessings my brother

11:27 PM  

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