Friday, September 21, 2007

The Final T4G Ad: Dever as 70s Hipster

Here is the fourth and final "ad" for T4G 2008. This is a picture of a young Mark Dever. It's a good picture. I must say, he was a pretty cool guy back in the day. As the ad implies, the years have been, um, challenging. (Fact: when in a verbal bind, the word "challenging" can get you out of all kinds of trouble.) I am of course jesting. Mark is now large and in charge, which is no bad thing. He used to be thin and insouciant, so the tradeoff on the whole isn't that bad. In case you're still reading, I'm not sure what any of the above writing really means. With that, this strange paragraph ends.

As I close out the week, I want to thank Terry for his very kind comment left yesterday. The little series on vocational decision was all-too-brief, but I am very glad to hear that it proved even a little helpful for someone. These are big questions we face in life and they are not often easy to handle. One does so with care and prayer. I am always thankful to receive feedback on this blog, and encouragement is always welcome, and so thanks, Terry, for your words. Hope everyone has a good weekend, and remember to give the T4G website a look if you haven't.



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