Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free Contraception for Middle-Schoolers, and Planned Parenthood in the Mall: The Mainstreaming of Abortion

You can imagine my shock when I looked up at the news channel and saw the headline, "Maine School to Give Contraception to Middle-Schoolers." I was initially surprised to see the word "Maine" on a tv newscast. This is not a common occurrence. Unfortunately, the headline was not a happy one. Apparently, a middle school in Portland, ME wants to be able to give contraception to middle-school students through its health center. According to state laws, such transactions can be done without the knowledge of parents. State law allows students themselves to choose whether or not to report such actions to Dad and Mom.

A second story caught my eye while on the Weekly Standard website. Charlotte Allen has penned a stinging critique of Planned Parenthood and its shady practices and for-profit nature. Incredibly, this entity, though raking in millions of dollars, draws tens of millions of dollars in federal subsidies each year. Considering that the organization oversees more than 250,000 abortions per year, and makes tens of millions of dollars in profit from these abortions, this is an appalling situation indeed. Consider this paragraph from Allen's piece:

"Most troubling of all is Planned Parenthood's pattern of seeming insouciance about reporting suspected sexual abuse by adults of underage girls--of which the Adam Gault case is perhaps the most spectacular example to date. Planned Parenthood heavily markets both its advocacy positions and its facilities and services to teenagers (via, among other things, ads on MySpace and MTV), and it has a huge clientele of high school students living at home (one affiliate, Planned Parenthood of Hawaii, told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in 2001 that a full third of its clients were teens "with little or no money"). In recent years Planned Parenthood has opened a series of "express" storefront branches at shopping malls apparently aimed at funneling mallrats to its full-service clinics elsewhere. Last year Planned Parenthood Golden Gate launched a "Tell a Friend" marketing campaign that included free movie tickets and a chance to win an iPod as rewards to teens for sending their classmates to Planned Parenthood clinics."

Planned Parenthood, in our materialistic, ethics-anemic society, is nothing more than a storefront in your local mall. In America today, life-and-death decisions are made between checking out the Abercrombie fall line and purchasing a Frappucino. One needs only to pop in, pop a pill, and future embryos can die, with nary a whimper to be heard. Or, if the mall has no such store, your ten-year-old child can stop in at the school health center. While other students are nursing a tummy-ache and having their temperature taken, your child can pick up a little contraception to go, and you'll never know the difference. Each of these stories tells a chilling, no, a horrific, story about the state of America.

We as Christians have to be aware about these developments. The abortionists among us are not grim-faced old men operating in back-alley death shops. They are smiling, attractive, Ipod-giving men and women with Myspace pages and mall storefronts. But there are others with them, others who may not even know fully the ramifications of their actions. In coming days, the abortionists among us will very likely be the kids on the playground, the Little League pitcher, the budding cheerleader, the one with a fresh face and a winning personality. The culture of death is spreading, just as Planned Parenthood wants it to, and it threatens to sweep our children away with it.

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Blogger G. F. McDowell said...

It's already mainstream.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is time to speak up and say this is abhorrent! I grew up in Maine and am shocked to see people "laying down for this". Just who will be answering for this gross negligence of our young people? We will. Each of us will answer for our lack of care and taking responsibility for our childrens' well-being. I am a school teacher and I hear young children everyday try to pass blame for their own actions onto another;" She did it too!" and the like. This is NO different. Just because some people refuse to grow up and become responsible adults, does NOT mean we should throw in the towel and give up trying to teach and practice good values and responsibility. If we choose not to, we are to blame for handing our children over to the devil himself.

1:41 PM  

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