Friday, October 26, 2007

The Week-est Link

With that title proudly worked out, I can now give you my weekly link roundup.

1. Provocative article by Thomas Sowell on whether prestigious colleges really deliver the education people think they do. There are of courses necessary nuances to Sowell's argument, but his basic idea sounds right: oftentimes, prestigious institutions of great size offer a subpar education relative to smaller, perhaps less well-known, teaching-oriented universities. A good commentary on the insatiable appetite most of us Americans have for status. We are so obsessed with status that we overlook certain factors in making decisions--like, for example, the education our students will receive (a minor consideration, after all). In our lust for association with prestige, in our haste to drop name after glorious name, we sacrifice quality to the gods of status. This is a ridiculous problem in American society that is only accelerated in a society that is losing its moral framework and its understanding of what is truly important--God, family, church, country.

2. A podcast interview I did with Tony Kummer of Said at Southern. Tony very kindly approached me and asked if he could interview me about my experience at SBTS. After recovering from a startled state due to a keen understanding of how little my my life and work deserves an interview on a well-read blog, I consented. The result is 27 minutes of Kummer and Strachan, and quite possibly the least downloaded podcast of all time--though I must say, I really appreciate Tony's kindness and interest in me. He does an excellent job with the podcast, and I strongly encourage you to listen to them all.

3. If you like beautiful piano-based soundtracks, and I do, you should buy the soundtrack to the movie Girl with a Pearl Earring. I have not watched the movie and thus cannot vouch for it, though I can say that I love the film's score, and often listen to it at work. Haunting and continually interesting to listen to.

There you go--have a great weekend.


Blogger Tony Kummer said...

Nice title. And the podcast is actually doing better than you'd think.

3:47 PM  

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