Friday, November 02, 2007

The Week-est Link, Nov. 2

1. A fascinating and helpful interview with Dr. Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and SBC patriarch. A hat-tip to Dr. Jim Hamilton for the link. Hamilton posed a number of excellent questions to his boss, Dr. Patterson, and Patterson answered them with clarity and insight. The debate on contextualization waxes hot in the current day, and the SWBTS president weighs in helpfully, directing us to focus not so much on outward things but on the inward condition of the heart.

2. Go to Andrew Peterson's website, listen to his music, and then, if you are as impressed by it as I am, buy it. Andrew is a folk-country-alternative kind of artist who writes beautiful poetry for lyrics and then sings it with earnest feeling. Like some in the folk camp, his voice can take a little getting used to. But it is worth it to try, because he has great theology and he expresses it in eloquent songs and memorable melodies. I highly encourage you to buy his stuff--you'll be encouraged and challenged in your faith if you do. He is particularly good at putting biblical stories to song.

3. In a completely different musical realm, here's a link to an incredible song by the group One Republic. Click on "Apologize." I know very little about this band, but Tyler W., who sometimes comments on this blog, tells me that they're from Colorado, they're pretty good, and they have a new cd coming out. I can't vouch for the band's overall message and the cleanness of their lyrics, but I can say that this song, with a beat by the producer Timbaland, is sonically powerful. This is one of those songs I can listen to eight times in a row. It seems to capture the emotion of angry heartbreak very well. Not that I've been feeling that, but when the music is powerful, I can't resist...

Neither can I resist a good weekend--hope you have just that.


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