Monday, December 10, 2007

GRE Words

In studying for the GRE, I've realized that there a number of words that I've used wrongly for all of my life. This is a sobering realization. How many of us have used the word "insensible" to describe a particularly risky operation, never realizing that the word means unconscious? Sadly, I think I'm in the number of people who have.

Kudos will go to the consumed commentor who can rightly define all four of the following words:
  • internecine
  • expostulation
  • depredation
  • mendacious

Give it a shot. I'm attempting to do the same as I study for the GRE, so you're not alone in your efforts.



Blogger Dad said...

Does this get the record for brevity? Or, are you trying to balance off some of the longer posts? Or could it be that you are busy?

Been slowly working my way through John Owen's 'Death of Death'. Some words there that I'm not familiar with. Kris L. just finished reading it. He was even stumped by a few words.

Al (Not Owen's dad and not that other "Al".)

4:08 PM  
Blogger Steve Weaver said...


I'm taking the GRE tomorrow morning. I have no idea what those words mean, so I think I'm in trouble. I'm hoping to begin a PhD in Church History/Historical Theology at Southern next Fall.

Are you going into the PhD program at Southern?

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Fanny said...

This is why one should be a Latin scholar:

(1) internecine: comes from the first conjugation Latin verb neco, necare, and means "to kill among," that is, killing among a group.

(2) expostulate: comes from the another first conjugation verb, "postulo, postulare" which means to demand, to seek, to ask for. Ex prefix intensifies the meaning: to ask for earnestly

(3)depredation: to sack or plunder. I don't know what latin word this comes from off the top of my head. Perhaps depredatio, a third declension noun?

(4) mendacious: the easiest of the four, it comes from mendax which means to lie. Augustine wrote an entire treatise de mendacio (concerning lying).

8:08 AM  
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