Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bible Reading and Spirituality Are Connected

Sometimes I think that older Christians can get away from the basics. We've been in the faith for awhile, and we're coasting along, and life is busy, and we can let the foundational aspects of the faith slip away.

I've recently been convicted of the need to read the Bible more. I now have a graduate degree in theology, I've been in church my whole life, and I do regularly read the Bible, but I have recently been convicted of the need to read more of the Bible. I haven't arrived at this conclusion due to legalism; I don't think that reading more of the Bible is going to up my standing in heaven, at least not in any way I could myself discern; no, I just desire to take in more Bible. It's pretty simple, and I think (hope) it portends good things for my spiritual walk with Christ.

Adult life can be challenging, and as a fairly young adult, I know that there is much more in store for me that many other readers have already experienced. Even at this young juncture in my life, though, I can see the importance of going back to the Bible. Reading it for a textbook and studying it as a document can, over time, sap one's thirst for Scripture. I can see a distinct need in my own life for more. The Christian life isn't really anything that fancy, after all. With all our books, all our commentaries, all our training (all of which I support), we will never get away from the simple truth that reading the Bible--merely reading it on a regular basis--is transforming. I have a fresh sense of the truth of this assertion, and in the year to come, I hope to apply it, and to enjoy reading a good deal of the Bible each day in order that I would grow closer to God and holier in my own life.

For those who are interested in a year-long reading plan, my friend Tony Kummer has created a chart and has a plan all set up.

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Blogger Larry said...

Good post. At 56, I am a bit ahead of you and can tell you, only by immersion in the Word can you obtain wisom, constancy and vibrancy in your faith. I read a lot of books. But, never let other books surplant your reading of the Word. If you do, you will suffer. Godspeed.

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