Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Week-est Link, Dec. 21

Okay, so it's not actually December 21, but I was out of town the past few days taking care of job stuff so I'm giving you my links a couple of days after they were originally scheduled to hit. The "Spiritual ambition" stuff picks back up tomorrow.

1. I highly recommend this strange and at times hilarious video depicting the internship program at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. I did this internship under Dr. Mark Dever, and I can only say that the interns are a good deal more technologically savvy than my group I ever was. If you've ever wondered what the CHBC internship is like, you won't find out in this video. You will, however, watch something very funny, and that's worth your time. Funniest line: Mark Dever saying, "Where did you get the idea I would answer that question?"

2. I just read God's Harvard by reporter and writer Hanna Rosin. Rosin is a liberal Jew. Her book is about Patrick Henry College, the home-school haven in Virginia. It's an academically challenging school and has a young but tumultuous history. Rosin's work is valuable primarily because it allows evangelicals to see how liberals view them. Rosin makes some good points along the way, and some of her critiques land, even if she is as heavy-handed as she accuses evangelicals of being. I'm hoping to write a fuller review of this book on this blog. Fascinating stuff if you like pop sociology as I do.

3. If you don't have Michael Buble's "Let It Snow" Christmas ep, you have a couple of days to buy it and enjoy it. Our family gave it to Bethany and me, and we play it constantly, in part because it's only six songs long and in part because Buble makes every room warm with his rich voice.

That's it for now--I'll be back tomorrow, and hope that everyone has a nice Sunday.

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