Monday, February 11, 2008

The Seasons of a Seminarian: Beginning, Middle, and End

I mentioned last week an overview series I just did on seminary at the SBTS metablog, Said at Southern. I want to link to all three of these pieces here in order to let you know about them. I don't think that they are anything amazing, but I do think that you could give them to a seminarian or a potential seminarian and that they could possibly benefit from reading my reflection on my time at Southern. Or, if you simply want a look at what seminary is like, you might find these posts interesting. I tried to make them both general and specific; general, because I tried to capture some of the essence of seminary regardless of school, and specific, because I was a particular seminarian at a particular place and time.

I would love for these pieces to be a helpful resource, though I'm happy for them also to be an (hopefully) engaging story. I've intended for seminarians attending a wide variety of schools to be able to read these articles and resonate with them.

Here, then, are the links:

Seasons of a Seminarian: Beginning
Seasons of a Seminarian: Middle
Seasons of a Seminarian: End

Feel free to forward them, link to them, or whatever.

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