Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Grudging Admission: Mom is Right

The cliche is worn so as to be threadbare. But that doesn't keep it from being true. Here's proof.

1) Mom was right about getting a mouthguard. I should have bought it so very long ago. Now I have two gray teeth.

2) Mom was right about paying bills on time. Why is it that it is so simple to pay bills, and yet I, a college graduate, struggle in the fashion of a tragic hero to pay them? The bills come to me; I scorn them. They sit, scorned, simmering in their estate. They purse their lips at me but I reject them still. Then, when the due date passes, I rush after them, desperate to encounter them that I may unshackle myself from them, assessing torturous fines in the process. Finally, I pay them, and they leave me, only to return some weeks later, just waiting for rejection.

3) Thank-you notes. How great are these, especially when given punctually. I appreciate thank-you notes when I receive them. Mom was dead-on. If Moms did not exist, thank you notes would not, either. Dads don't naturally want to do them. They give other men a slap on the shoulder and a grunt of appreciation, and that's it.

There's lot more one could list. Mom--you were right. The thank-you note's in the mail. :)


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