Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's Vacation Time for Consumed Staff

Yes, after extensive board meetings, very expensive, with only the finest catering, the Consumed staff has, at the advice of the trustees and board of directors, decided to take a weeklong vacation. Please check back for a new blog entry exactly one week from today. Next Monday morning the 25th you will see a new entry, and the stream will pick back up from there.

In the meantime, be pondering such fascinating future blog topics as these:

1) Magazine layouts--with their picture-intensive formats, do they really succeed in drawing the younger generation?
2) Online dating--what's behind it? Pros and cons?
3) Church growth and why it's a messy subject

Friends, these are but a sampling. Please do come back after the Consumed vacation.

We'll tell the trustees you said hello! :)


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