Friday, November 10, 2006

Finding Grace in Normality

I don't usually pull material from the comments section onto the main posting section, but I really liked what Brian had to say about finding grace in normality: "Even in normalcy, God teaches us and gives us grace. Tonight, God delivered to me a lesson in humility - a thorn in my flesh, named the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. He reminded me that our hope is not in wins and losses, but in Him."

Excellent point. I was reminded of this just a few minutes ago, when I attempted to start my aging Accord. Despite numerous attempts, and a failed jump, the car simply refused to start. It is in such moments, so infused with normality, that we desperately need grace. We don't need them only when bad news strikes, when someone falls terribly ill or loses a job. We need them, then, yes, absolutely. But we also need grace to help us string together a whole bunch of God-honoring moments that could otherwise be quite the opposite. We Christians are little glorification factories. We take the material that other people use to curse and dishonor God, and we--by the Spirit's power--remake it into a little glory package. This is what life is primarily about. Taking moments that could be used to curse, anger, and destroy and staving off such emotions and then actually turning to praise God for His goodness. This is a challenge. I certainly don't do it perfectly. But God willing, you and I can be "glorification factories" for the God we serve.

(We'll pick up the series on Monday.)


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