Friday, November 09, 2007

The Week-est Link, Nov. 9

1. A tear-your-hair-out piece from Men's Vogue by the former New York Times reporter Charlie LeDuff. Apparently LeDuff, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, decided to stay at home following his daughter's birth. His wife went to work. Writes LeDuff:

I am sad for those fathers I had the pleasure to know during the years I was a correspondent. I remember the soldier in Iraq who was not there for the birth of his child. The journalist who came back from the war zone only to be called Uncle by his son. The Mexican man in Long Island, his only presence at home back in the old capital being his photograph and a Western Union receipt.

The only thing in the article that set my teeth more on edge than the passage above was this quotation on the reaction of children to nannies at the local playground:

We go off to the park to see the Latina nannies who care for the Little Lord Fauntleroys of a neighborhood filled with two-career families. It's only a 15-minute walk from my own neighborhood, but it's another world altogether. My friend Angelica tells me, "The children love us more than they love their parents. The little one calls me Mommy."

This article reveals a society gone mad, a culture that reverts the natural order of the home and that, in increasing numbers, features a familial economy in which both dad and mom leave the home and entrust the kids to a stranger.

If this does not already sound like a bad situation, consider the progress such a movement has made in the Christian church, and then you will really be in for some righteous indignation.

2. Be careful on who you throw your personal weight behind with the GOP race for the 2008 presidential nomination. Mike Huckabee, for example, is surging, but do we know enough about him and his record to wholeheartedly support him? There doesn't seem to me to be a great candidate for evangelicals yet in this race. I lean towards Romney, but even he gives me pause. At any rate, there is much time before the big stuff happens, and so, while I'm really hoping Giuliani loses momentum (as he's pro-choice), there is alot about the various candidates that remains to be seen...

3. Good flick. I would encourage couples to give it a watch, particularly when it's the wife's turn for a chick flick. Husbands, it ain't Braveheart, but Miss Potter ain't Gone with the Wind, either.

Have a great weekend.

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