Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moving Day: Last Call for Consumed

It's been a great three years here at consumed, but it's time for a change. Starting next week, I'll be posting at this address: If you read this blog and wish to keep reading it, you'll want to change your blog links, bookmarks, or feed subscription. Again, just so it's very clear, here's the address at which I will be blogging from now on:

Please update your links in whatever way you read this blog.

I suppose there's not really any major change to the actual content of the blog, but this all feels a bit like a move. I'm just changing platforms and blog addresses, but in a funny way, I'm feeling like I'm actually leaving comfortable physical space that I've called home. This blog and its address have in a way been home to me and my thoughts for the last three years, and I'm a little sad about leaving little consumed.

Here's hoping, though, for progress and growth on the new blog. It's less tied to a certain platform, and thus I've been told by knowledgeable bloggers that it will make the blog easier to find. I think that's true--there's not exactly a lot of competition on the web for "owen strachan", two words that are rather scarce and especially so in combination. On the other hand, when you type in "consumed" you find a whole ton of other sites, and mine is buried in there somewhere (a just fate, one could say).

But there's no shift in philosophy here., despite being a rather narcissistic title, will be devoted to God and thoughts about the world and the church He has made. It's that simple--no change.

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging at this address and I am profoundly thankful for lots of faithful readers and commenters--KC, Al (not that Al), BC, JA, my mother, Brian from KY, Bradley, and many others. I hope that I won't lose any of you, but that we'll continue the thinking together and the conversation at the new address.

Tomorrow's the last post over here; again, please make the switch:

Yours in Christ, OS.


Blogger G. F. McDowell said...

Changing Google Reader feed settings....

Keep up the good work Owen. I've liked what I've been reading.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Al said...

I suppose now for myself to be a cool blogger I should follow suit?? But I'll probably be content to be uncool for a while.

I think name recognition is important. I have my business site set up with my name for that very reason, and kind of wished I could have/had done it with my blog. so - good move.

Now we need just to remember those two obscure names, in the right order.

Have a good visit this weekend.

And thanks for the links of the past several days. I'm planning to spend some time today looking through them.


4:15 AM  
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