Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Resources for Women Who Want to Live a Faithful Life

From the Titus2Talk blog (HT: Vitamin Z):

"My husband has being doing a bit of home-work recently, listening to a few talks that focus on family life. He's listed a few good resources for guys, but here's a list of some of my home-work assignments, some completed, others I'm keen to give due attention.

Loving My Husband by Carolyn Mahaney
Loving My Children by Carolyn Mahaney
Celebrating Marital Love by Carolyn Mahaney
Wisdom for Women from Titus 2 by Susan Hunt
A Fresh Look at Titus 2 by Carolyn Mahaney
Sarah Edwards: Jonathan's Home & Haven by Noel Piper
Marriage: Forgiving & Forbearing by John Piper
Honouring the Biblical Call of Motherhood by John Piper
To Be A Mother is a Call to Suffer by John Piper
The Centrality of the Home by Voddie Baucham
Shepherding Your Child's Heart 0-5 by Tedd Tripp
A Wife's Responsibility to Help Her Husband by Barbara Hughes"

Christian women seeking faithful advice on living as a godly woman in a fallen world would do well to invest in a few of these resources. Voddie Baucham has much wisdom on the role the home is to play in the Christian life and also on the way the roles of husband and wife break down within this essential unit. Carolyn Mahaney is a great resource too, particularly because she has raised four children in a very busy home and has done so with considerable blessing from the Lord. John Piper, of course, needs no commendation, and should be listened to whenever possible.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an avid reader of your blog, mostly because you do a wonderful job keeping up with all of the theological "news" and you do so with academic honesty.

This post, though helpful at the onset, was also discouraging to me because it overwhelmingly defines a woman's Christian significance in terms of the home, parenting, and being a wife. What about women who are called to singleness? (see 1 Cor 7...I suppose they should go and adopt "spiritual children"- this is an exhausting argument that I have heard quite a bit throughout my biblical academic journey).

While I, a married woman, devoted wholly and submissively to her husband, do think these things are significant (the Pastorals certainly support this), what about women and the study of Scripture, or women and historical theology, or women and ecclesiology, or women and biblical languages, and other theological disciplines that seem to be confined only to men?

Why is it that it is okay for faithful men to sit with a stack of theological books while faithful women sit with a stack of hospitality/family books?

Perhaps it as one of my professors used to say, "Men were created more theological in nature, women more hospitable in nature"...or is it?, for I have yet to find that supported anywhere in the biblical text.

I think, though, that while on this earth, my focus should be on growing as a Christian, not just being a female. We bear Christ first, then our gender. And I'll stick with the theological books, primarily because they make me tick and they heighten my love and awe for a Holy God. And while they do this, they make me a better wife.

I hope that you will read what I have said, not because I disagree with you but because I so want men to understand how some of this language affects me. It doesn't affect all women like this, but it affects some of us. And it isn't because we are feminists, its because we love theology and biblical studies, etc., and we spend our free time auditing subjects like Hebrew and Greek.

Your blog is a blessing, and I never comment because I always am so blessed and agree so heartily. But, I just thought perhaps the Lord would use my feeble and very flawed words, at the very least, to show you what is in my very conservative female Southern Baptist heart.

May the Lord continue to strengthen homes and wives, but may He also strengthen women to fear Him and tremble at His Word. I hope we don't get too distracted by family and children to see His face in the midst.

-A fan of yours, and a sister in Christ.

4:49 PM  
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