Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Are You a Hustler?

A hustler, in my vocab, is one who works hard to make things happen. Hustlers are often "good at life," one could say, and possess uncommon pluck, drive, and a knack for accomplishment. This blog is inspired by the rapper Cassidy's song "I'm a Hustla," where Cassidy shows various ways in which he hustles to get by. I'm blogging on this because I think this term, hustling, is worthy of inclusion in common parlance. To break this down, when an office worker is particularly productive, you need not say the tried and true "Sally sure is an efficient worker. She really went to it on those DPE memos for C3 and 821x, didn't she?" No no no, my friend. All you need say is this: "Mannnn (draw it out like that), Sally is a HUSTLA. That girl can memo." See? Wasn't that easy--and fun?

This same principle can be applied to Moms. You need not say in next Mother's Day card, "Mom, you sure are a swell gift. Thanks for the cookies and cleaning my bloody knees and blah blah blah." Instead, say "Ma, you are a straight-up hustla. How did you get us to soccer practice and all that stuff and still feed us essential vitamins and nutrients? Thanks for hustling all those years." Now, isn't that original? Isn't that fun for everyone?

Man, life is short. Go out there and hustle. Get after it. Do stuff. Don't just sit by. And don't be surprised if some day soon, your boss pats you on the back and says "Thanks Don--and hey--keep hustling." Somewhere, I'll be smiling.


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