Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New 9Marks Article Up On Manhood

"We are a generation of wimps raised by mystics.

Such are many Christian men today. Exaggerated piety, deficient manliness, and outright cowardice have conspired to bring about the current state of affairs. "

There's the teaser to my article. I think it's a solid read, and you can find it here. Those who read this blog will find me saying familiar things, though you'll want to look at the review in order to get acquainted with Manly Dominion, an excellent book written by a Michigan pastor named Mark Chanski. I've never met Pastor Chanski and I don't know what his brand of manhood looks life, but I can honestly say that his work is inspiring and challenging. All Christian men would be served well by reading it.

I might also say that I am being provocative in the above teaser, and that I was not raised by a mystic. I was blessed with a Dad who blended strength and gentleness in a way I am trying to emulate in my own marriage. I hope people understand the difference between speaking for one's generation collectively, as I'm doing there, and speaking about one's personal life, which I'm not doing in saying my generation was raised by mystics. I'm doing what lots of folks do when they want to get someone's attention: speaking strongly. My former pastor used to say, "If you're not a member of a church, you're going to hell." Well, there was some truth to that, but he was mostly being provocative. I was writing along similar lines.

Feel free to tell me what you think of the review. We're working to push back Christian wimpiness, one man at a time. I'm a work in progress, but at least I can find books out there today to put some steel in me. If I don't become more manly in the end, at least I can say I read about it.


Anonymous Jed said...

What's wrong with a little mysticism?

Also is there a section in his book about how to field dress a deer? If not, central Pennsylvanians will not take it seriously: real men kill, dress, cook, and (even) wear wild game.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Dad said...

Okay, finally found the review, the link would not take me directly to the page. But I aggressively, and wisely, took action, and, as suggested by my opening sentence, I found it.

I think, though, that this problem of men not being the men that they ought to be goes a long way back. Yes, there are somethings in our culture today that are making matters worse, but I don't think it is all to blame. I think one of the marks of sin upon us males is that we are overcome all too easily with fear, even of making a small decision.

Why didn't Adam make a better choice in the garden? And we are his sons!

Now on to look at my woodturning sites, finally.


4:16 PM  

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