Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The New 9Marks Stuff

Good comments on normalcy and evangelism, dudes. I appreciate your words and agree that it is tough to strike a balance between being set apart and being a normal person. But it's in the tension that our faith is worked out, and we are grown and matured as believers. We'll always be wrestling with that tension, and we'll always be growing as we wrestle.

I don't have much time to post today, but I have enough time to let you know that the new monthly content is posted at the 9Marks website. If you do not go to this site, and if you do not read all the content therein, you are robbing one and only one person: yourself. No, that's actually not correct, because you'll be enriched by going there, and consequently you'll enrich others, so in fact, you're robbing lots of people, and that makes you a very, very bad person. With that helpful point established, I do want to encourage you to go and read about biblical theology, conversion, and manhood. Jonathan Leeman, the editor of the content, is doing a fantastic job with the site and the contributors are top-notch (well, most of them--some are medium-notch, like yours truly). It's like seminary online. So take a few minutes and head over to the site. You'll find stuff that edifies you, stuff that challenges you, and ideas to wrestle with--and we all know how good that is for us, don't we?


Blogger Dad said...

Okay, I usually, on a normal morning, visit several woodturning sites to look at works posted and read comments, discussions that might of helpful to my working life. However, today, after some hesitation I did go to mine marks through the link button on your page, very convenient!!

Anyway, read through 3 articles. Yes, they were encouraging, edifying and all that. However, I could not help but see, and think of, the poverty of the present church, and of some many churches around us.

Then, I could also not stop myself from thinking of my own theology - life that I live, what I teach and what is going on in my heart. Is it really Biblical theology that runs my life? Hum, not as much as it should.

So as a believer this morning, I haven't opened BibleWorks yet and read 'my Bible', and I haven't fellowshipped with other turners, but I did fellowship with other believers - sort of. This fellowship may lead to me being less that, or is it, more than, normal.

As I am thinking about your normal discourse, the only person who was normal was Christ. The rest of us 'fall short of the glory of God'.

Our normality is not what Got needs to have in our life for us to be a light to the world, but rather, having Christ in our life is the key. This will lead us to be 'abnormal', if as in Biblical theology we relate all that has gone on in the Bible to Christ, and also, knowing that Christ reigns today over the course of mankind, that even the little details that make up my life or the headlines on a news page is a continuation of God being glorified in this fallen world. How can I be normal if I see, think and speak of God's hand in everything?

And, if I put spiritual things first over reading about woodturning, or basketball!!!! or whatever, - if instead of watching my favor team, or spending money of my now favorite rapper, etc. I think, and act, less for myself but more for the glory of God, will I be normal or will I be Christ like?

Anyway, time to take out students to school and go to work! Time to be normal?? Or time to be a person reflecting on, and seeking to radiate, the glory of God in Christ Jesus?


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