Thursday, June 30, 2005

Iraq: Is the Left Endangering Things?

A recent article in World magazine outlines the current efforts of US military to train the Iraqi national forces. Now, every mag has their bent, and World likely sees the US withdrawal as premature and so writes with that tone, but things don't look very good. One has to wonder if we aren't leaving Iraq early due in large part to pressure from the left to call off our involvement. From the day the first bomb exploded, we've heard incessant calls to leave Iraq, urging largely (and wisely) ignored. Uneasily, with unsteadiness characteristic of a formerly totalitarian state getting used to democratic shoes, Iraq has made continual progress towards viability. That's a beautiful thing and a tribute to courageous leadership from the White House.

But still--are we exiting the country too soon? Body counts unnerve us all, particularly when discussed by a press generally committed to portraying the conflict negatively. Iraq struggles against terrorists and progress is neither easy nor quick. It takes time to train a national army, lots of time, and by the way World portrays it, the Iraqis may not have had sufficient training. Will the left, by its continual calls for exit, undo the progress made thus far? We pray not. The shoes of democracy take some getting used to, but in a world of platform-heel politics and bloodstained spurs, they are the trustiest model one can find.


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