Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Forget Groupies, and Think Soldiers

I was planning on writing today about Christian groupies and why they exist. But then I popped in Saving Private Ryan, and realized that I wanted to write about something else. I wanted to write about courage. Then, in a dash of inspiration, I realized I wanted to write a poem commemorating those who died to build and make strong our country and world. I guess, then, you could tie this all in to Thanksgiving, and then you have a nice little cheesy tie-in.

did you ever ask
your grandfather
what he saw?

did he ever stare
and see nothing?

I know what he saw.
my education is not his;
it borrows,
but I am taught nonetheless.

he and a million young men
driving too fast,
laughing too much,
suddenly were
dying too young.

though evil, they had not met such a foe,
until it tore their backs
and bled their blood
and robbed their mothers
of years
of rest.

they thought,
when they returned to this land,
that they brought everything back.
but they did not know
that they left something there
lying, amongst friends and foes,
a piece of the heart,
the innocence of youth,
the quiet of nights,
buried in soil like the sea.

you may never
ask your grandfather
what he saw
but maybe
you know
just the same.


Blogger Jed said...

That's nice. I have some quality poetry on my blog too by Da Yoopers. It's called "The Second Week of Deer Camp."

10:18 AM  

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